Does this possibly mean no more CSI?

I hope not for the sake of my own sanity. Outside of the occasional sporting event (mostly hockey), and some of the older, no longer actuall in production shows (Cheers, anyone?), that’s the only actual TV I watch anymore. Everything else I either watch online, or don’t watch–most likely because I’ve seen an episode or two of it, it pissed me off, and I said to hell with the rest of it. So yeah, I’m a little concerned about the authorized strike of CBS writers. They haven’t *actually* walked off the job yet, which… is good, but they’re in favour of that possibility, apparently. Which means the… 6(?) episodes of the 8th season of CSI I’m currently waiting for to be downloaded may be the only ones from that season I get for a while. From 1 to 10 on the suckitude skale, this rates about a 15. If they replace it with one of those stupid reality shows, that rating may double. And I may cancel my cable subscription, whether or not that means sacrificing my hockey adiction.

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