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I’d be insulted too, but for a different reason.

A fast food group is up in arms about Kevin Federline’s participating in an ad campaign for an insurance company, playing the part of a fast food worker day dreaming about starring in a music video. Now, I can understand how it is they could perhaps see that as being a tiny bit insulting, I mean, it’s implying that everyone who works there would rather be doing anything but that, right? But… honestly? I think I’d be more insulted by the fact it’s Kevin Federline doing the acting. The guy can’t act… that’s such a truth. The guy can’t sing… that’s a more obvious truth. Even the insurance company says if anyone’s being made fun of here, it’s Federline. At which point I silently snicker and move on to the next article, and try to keep a straight face while taking this call. That’s the hardest part…

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