And for the second time, 3 in a row.

After winning 3 in a row earlier this month then promptly getting slapped around the next game, I don’t know about anyone else but I was wondering if perhaps that was the best we could do. And it almost was, except they somehow managed to do it again with a win over Boston tonight. Minus Sundin, and Minus Raycroft for just under half the game. On the bright side(s), we know where the scoring will come from, at least for tonight. We know Aubin can handle the pressure of coming in to bail us out, not that we needed bailing out. We know a 4-goal lead is not safe, at least for the moment. But it wouldn’t be a Leafs game without at least one black mark on the record. I’d of thought the Raycroft injury would be enough of a black mark, though. Apparently not. Ah well, we still won.

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