Well now. Ain’t that just peachy.

Guess it was only a matter of time… we’ve already had the mandatory day or two of comment spam that must come with all blogs of any and all varieties, so it’s only fair that now, the day or two (hopefully it’s only a day or two, anyway) of trackback/ping spam begins. In the last hour, I must have junked about 30 spam trackbacks to this site. Ah well, excitement like that’s what makes the world go ’round. Maybe we’ll get lucky and a few of these people with nothing better to do will fall off.

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  1. Spam, spam, spam, eggs, bacon, and spam with some spam on the side. Gotta love Monty Python!
    Ok, maybe you can help me with this, since you mention it in your post…trackbacks and pings. I have just started using a program to do my blogging and when I make a link in my post to you or another friend or even one of my own posts on my blogs, it posts a comment on that blog entry (mine or others) with a blurb from the beginning of my entry. Why is that and do you think I can do anything to change that?
    Now, before you get all crazy on me, James, no, I haven’t checked the documentation, and no, I haven’t googled for answers–I’m an American, remember? ((wink)) LOL I just saw that you mentioned trackbacks/pings and thought perhaps you would have an idea of what the heck was going on.
    Ok, I’m off to check the news to guess what you’ll be on about today, but I will come back to see if you posted a reply comment. Rock on.

  2. That’s the short definition of ‘trackback’, pretty much. Supposedly, it’s designed with the idea in mind that every blog is just part of one huge internet conversation on one topic or another. By linking to an entry on another weblog and by letting your blog software send a trackback ping, it lets that entry’s author and other people reading the entry know who else is following/writing about the same things. So if you have, say, a differing point of view on the topic, instead of writing about it on your blog, then commenting on someone else’s, the software will do it for you.
    Of course, they can easily be turned off at either end–you can decide not to send them, or the target blog can decide not to receive them. They can actually be pretty useful, though, once you get past all the crap…

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