Snakes and Martina…

Two things that one would think were completely unrelated. But you would be wrong. They’re here, written by me, for no other reason than because I can… so of course they’re related! … Right? *eyes you* Ahem. Anyway. I’ve seen the previews. I’ve heard a few reviews. Now, I want to see Snakes On A Plane. If anyone’s going, do not spoil it. If anyone’s going and feels like being generous, pick up a ticket for me. If anyone’s going and is out of driving/walking range, mail me a plane ticket and we’ll talk, mm’kay? Thought so. Awesome movie by the sounds of it.
And now for the unrelated part. I like a few Martina McBride songs. I hate Canadian Idol. She will be making an appearance on Canadian Idol on monday. I’m contemplating watching it… but again, I hate Canadian Idol. Decisions, decisions. Decisions I shall make Monday, assuming I’m home and in a TV-watching mood when it comes on.

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