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I’ll take a cheap host with periods of down time any day.

Especially if the choice is between these folks, who I use now, and these duds, who I’ll be cancelling once all the important crud’s been transfered over. Why, you ask? Well, okay, so maybe you don’t ask. I don’t care. The answer is simple. I pay $15+ per month at the soon to be out the door site, and I don’t think they’ve gone down once since I started. Of course, I wouldn’t know for sure because, shortly after I started there, I got fed up with their pathetic excuse for an administration system and switched to the good guys. Now, while there have been more occurances lately of down time with them, it’s *usually* been an isolated case or two that hasn’t effected me. The two exceptions to this are, of course, when the datacenter they’re in lost power, taking them, My Space, and a couple others with them. But, down time aside, the difference really? I’m informed. Not only do they *try*, being the key word here, to keep their customers updated on their status page, but posts on their blog, like this one, are the difference–not only do they keep their customers informed, but they have absolutely no problem admitting when they screwed up. Though I just like that they keep us informed. The guys I’m getting away from as soon as humanly and sanely possible, on the other hand… the only thing I receive from them is an automated email each month basicly saying “this is how much you owe us, now pay up”. Yeah, reliability’s kind of a necessity for me, too. But, aside from a power outage or two, I haven’t had a single problem with them since January, when they fully admited they fubared a configuration setting for their email servers. The point? If you get what you pay for, then these folks should start jacking their prices up… because I’ve already got twice my money’s worth, which is balancing out the bad taste in my mouth left by these other fools. Of course, someone’s probably gonna try and argue with me on just about every point raised here. And I’ll bet the first time their website goes down with some other hosting company, they’ll bitch a fit and switch back to DH. You can’t please everyone all the time; it’s a fact of life. Some people won’t be pleased until they get 6 months free, and won’t stop crying about the small stuff until that happens; that, too, is a fact of life. That fact, though, can at least be ignored easily… like those people.

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