Not how I planned to spend an afternoon.

Yet more evidence of my brother’s irresponsibility, not that it’s required; I already know he’s the least responsible person I’ve ever met. He decided he’d walk over to his girlfriend’s place, who is also supposedly the other owner of ‘their’ dog. Okay, fine. So you’d think he’d take the bloody thing with him, right? Wrong-o. Instead, he pawns him off on me, like I don’t already have 2 of ’em to mind. Thank the gods he’s actually sleeping now (I think, anyway), but that isn’t the point… it isn’t my dog, I didn’t *want* the dog, and I’m the one minding it. Again. Well, I guess no one ever accused him of being inteligent, or possessing common sense. He’s guilty of a lot of things, but none of them relating whatsoever to a presence of either potentially redeming quality.

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