Israel has become another bloody US.

As if bombing the hell out of a country isn’t bad enough, now they hit a civilion refuge. And neither the US nor Canada, nor anyone else who isn’t directly affected by the bombings, is calling for a ceasefire. Yeah, okay, I can see the US not wanting a ceasefire–everyone knows “the war on terror” is just an excuse for the Bush administration to flex some muscle, so of course they’ll back anyone else who wants to flex, too. As long as it makes them look good to the rest of the world’s politicians. And it must, because no one else is bothering to oppose the idea, either. Oh, everyone’s all kinds of full of “it has to stop”, but that doesn’t do a damn thing to *make* it stop. Well, at least Israel has the good sense to agree to a 48 hour ceasefire. I’m sure everyon you’ve managed to scare the hell out of will appreciate it, too. Thanks for doing us a frickin’ favour.

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