I have really got to stop doing that.

It’s bad enough I have this odd tendancy to end up not sleeping at all kinds of odd hours… like 3:30 this morning. I should also try to remember, though, that it’s a bad time to be dinking around with the site, too… even if it is uber fun. I tend to break things. Even though I’ve yet to do that in at least 2 attempts. Sure, there was the accidental floppage, but to this day I continue to blame PHPMyAdmin for that attempt blowing up in my pretty (ha, ha) little face. Besides, I learned a little more about PHP from that experience… I was just hoping I wouldn’t have to use it to save my own rear end. I think it’s a psychological thing… boredom or lack of sleep triggers some odd little part of my tiny little brain that goes into website redesign mode and there’s just no stopping it. At least it’s a small change this time… can’t break the small things. Much. Now, if only it did a damn thing for the sleep…

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