Take that, Shadow Siege!

Well, 3 years later and it looks like Shadow Siege is the one going downhill. This after, almost 3 years ago to the day, its co-owners were pretty much swearing up and down it would be Eternal Struggle that would fall apart once they left. There’s something satisfying about hearing that, not only have most of the people that followed the mass exitus away from ES when SS was originally created, but also most of the newer players have gotten fed up with the bullshit and left. So much for a RP friendly atmosphere, eh Mina?

Shadow Siege is a specialised type of mud in that it is roleplay enforced. This means that the focus is not to go out and kill anything that moves, but
rather to put up with the staff trying to direct RP in exactly the manner they want it to proceed, and kill off those characters that attempt to stray away from our neat little script, while giving all sorts of IC perks to the people we happen to be friends with OOCly.

There. Now it looks the way it’s supposed to.


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  1. Hah. Eternal Struggle closed down… and Shadowsiege is still going strong. We get two to three newbies a day. We keep about half of them. Where is ES in your equations now?

  2. Well, talk about the vocal minority. I found Shadow Siege about a year ago and Ive played it pretty much every day since then. Ive built my character on my own with no perks from anyone and frankly, if someone did get them what kinda sour grapes ‘well, THEY got some why cant -I- have some’ bullcrap is that? You decided the game wasnt for you so you took your ball and went home…Boohoo. Well there are many of us who do stay and play and have a wonderful time there. Most of the plots Im involved in were set in motion by PLAYERS, not staff, and staff has rarely gotten directly involved with my storyline unless it was something that players themselves COULDNT do (like when 50 guards showed up to arrest me. *struts about*) So you dont want to play there, thats fine, you sound like a bitter little person who I probably wouldnt enjoy playing with anyway. But why try to crap in other people fun? Do I come down to the street corner and mess with you while youre trying to have YOUR fun?

  3. That is interesting… it being 2007 and Shadowsiege having a proud, dedicated, and robust community of players. Yea… dying… dead even… except for the 2 or 3 new players… A DAY. Did I over-emphasize? A day. Now, if I could just remember where I had ever heard of ES… Eternal Struggle… eternal ending in… June of 2006. Wow, spiffy! That makes Shadow Siege longer lasting than the sobriquete… eternal. Maybe that is why I haven’t heard of ES. Could also be that while SS regular advertises, ES apparently does not. Or maybe… nope, don’t see a rating on RPIMUD or MudMagic either. Well… lollerskates and roflcopters to you. Guess the satisfied player-base at SS gets the last laugh. See you in the world… as long as you log into the right one.

  4. Time since last Reboot: 13h36m Boot time player high: 29
    With regular peaks of 30+ a night and a tight knit friendly community that we do (you need only see the forums to see evidence of this)… you can hardly term it ‘going downhill’.
    Our friendly atmosphere is something that as a game, we are known for in the RP community.
    We have long since left our days of ES behind and stand on our own as an inpendant and continuingly succesful game. I do not see the need to drag up old blood.

  5. I found SS fairly recently as things go, the end of October, 2006. I’ve been here ever since. I’ve yet to see the favoritism you claimed was rampant, and so far most of the plots are indeed, player made and driven.
    It sounds like SS is lucky you decided not to play here – one bad apple can taint the whole barrel.

  6. Well I’ve never personally played SS, I was a player of ES. And the majority of it was player based as well. There were larger more intense aspects to the game that were driven by the admin force. But that is to be expected. Players can only do so much realistically. I was a faithful player for around 3 years, and joined their community in game around 4 years ago now. I’m not sure how long SS has been running, but I do know that ES was probably extremely similar to yours in it’s prime. Hopefully the eventual disinterest of it’s players will not lead to the same fate as ES and you can have your fun little escape from reality for a bit longer. But lets face it. The world changes, things go out of style and grow old. Get over yourselves. 😉

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