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Stupid anti-disability employers and pesimistic brothers = bad combination.

So, we have Online Support, which is in effect attempting its best effort at a delay tactic when it comes to considering hiring me, and we have a pesimistic brother who doesn’t know a damn thing about what he’s talking about when it comes to me, employment, and half the crap I do. Yet, because he knows everything, his response to why it is I can’t find work is so blatantly obvious I don’t know why I get it. “They won’t hire you because you can’t do the work.” Hmmm. Guess he should have attributed that statement to himself. And I can post about it freely here because even if he did happen to read it, I wouldn’t give two flying fucks. Why? Well, it’s simple.

  1. He’s gone through more jobs in the last 4 years than most people go through in 10.
  2. He’s either been fired, or quit before he could get fired, for being a lazy prick who doesn’t do his job worth a crap and then calls in sick when it’s convenient.
  3. Before his probation period was over at his last job, ironicly enough with OLS, he was written up, warned, threatened to be fired for being a jackass with customers, and the people he works with.
  4. He thinks it’s fun to tell his supervisors, frequently, to fuck off. Then he wonders why he ends up in shit.

Yep, I can see it now. I can’t work there, yet I’d end up lasting longer than he does. Assuming, of course, I can get them to look at me. I love your logic sometimes… it’s so easy to tear to pieces.


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