My mommy loves me.

As so evidenced by the fact the first thing I saw when I got up this morning was a card with $100 stuck in it. All I can say about that is… wow. Just… absolutely… wow. And I wasn’t even sure what the hell I wanted for my birthday. Not that it matters, really… it’s really just another day, to me. But, she made a point to ask me every 6 hours (I think it was maybe a little more often than that) and I was still clueless as hell, so I dunno. So now I get to decide what the hell I’m spending $100 on. Well, I do want a new cell phone.
I guess the biggest surprise, though, is I have time to actually post something here. Considering I didn’t expect to be home as much as I am, and don’t expect to be home much longer, that’s a miracle in itself. My mother’s going all out for supper tonight, it looks like… ordering things in, picking up a cake… even though I told her not to bother with it. Heh. Guess that’s what makes her awesome… I’ll decide that one for sure later tonight. LOL

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