So I was bored. Sue me.

What is your true personality? (Brutally honest answers…(Pictures!))

My, my aren’t we a cynic? You are incredibly pessimistic. That’s okay though, so am I! You have a wicked sarcastic tongue, which means you are incredibly smart–maybe not an academic genius persay, but you have a whole hell of a lot of common sense which is what really matters. You may be incredibly sarcastic but you are actually nice and have a good heart and will do the right thing, however grudgingly. You also like to read, but it’s usually books like sci-fi, fantasy, or mystery. You are also probably a gamer as well. Congrats-you got the only result which I didn’t brutalize and insult! Message me to tell what ya thought! (The second pic is because I thought it was really cool… lol)
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I think this was geared toward pesimism by default. I’m more a realist. Even still, 99% pegged… I’m scared!

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