Random observations: In death series.

In list format, because I’m just smashing these things together while one of the books are playing. And, for the record, Salvation In death? All of these observations rolled into one nifty little package.

  • Eve Dallas is one hell of a snarky, sarcastic, bitchy bitch. I’d have a beer with her if she wasn’t fictional.
  • Her husband’s very nearly as snarky sarcastic. Not quite as–Eve’s the main character, after all. But hey, if she was to wind up in a coma or something, the series might very well do just fine without her–so long as he didn’t end up in a coma right next to her.
  • Some of the witnesses in this series? To call them airheads would be an insult to airheads everywhere.
  • Some of the recurring supporting characters? See my commentary re: witnesses.
  • The only female character who doesn’t have legs up to her very nice boobs is, once again, Eve. Who doesn’t even have the very nice boobs.
  • Bright side: she’s got some pretty wicked social issues. Watching her work through them is kind of interesting.
  • Holy royal hell. Just how many different and overly exagerated sexual positions can two people physically get tangled up in? Is she a bloody featherweight or something?
  • Again with the flying cars. So 1960’s. At least these ones have GPS and autopilot. Now when can I drive one?

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