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  • If you own an M1 Mac, I’m a little jealous and a lot sorry.

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    Every now and again, I consider either stealing a friend’s Mac for dinking around purposes or just buying my own–the latter option because hey, if I bust it, I own it. I’ve never been a huge fan of Apple’s walled garden approach, but I’ve also been an iPhone user for … Read the rest

  • Once again, I called it. Apple’s software download site? Dead.


    A few months ago, I dared to predict Apple would be slowly herding developers and users to their new app store for the mac in place of the ability to download apps of their choice from other sources. One such other source, which is currently accessible on Mac OSX, is … Read the rest

  • I called it. You’ll soon be renting your Mac, too.

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    Remember when the iPad first came out, and there was all this talk of it escentially being the future of personal computers? Ever since then, and even before then, I’ve maintained a theory that a lot of what you’d see on the iPhone would find its way onto the Mac … Read the rest

  • I’ll stick with Linux, thanks.

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    Out of random curiosity last year, I started to tinker with Linux on a local machine–specificly, a 5-year-old HP laptop that wasn’t really being used for a whole lot else. Not really being willing to bother considering what I could manage to lose and what I might want to keep–there … Read the rest

  • And the Mac advantage is…

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    … Definitely not the lack of malware. At least, not anymore according to Symantec. They say they believe they’ve discovered the first ever Mac botnet. According to the article (, it’s supposedly already infected several (I think the article said thousands?) of macs, which are apparently being remotely controlled by … Read the rest

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