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  • There’s always next year, Toronto. And this time, saying it doesn’t feel forced.


    I’m a Toronto sports fan if I’m a sports fan at all. It’s how I grew up and I haven’t evolved much since then. For hockey, it’s always been the Leafs–yes, even though the last time they won it all my parents were in grade school. For baseball, it’s been … Read the rest

  • The Yankees and the Phillies, no more? What’s a baseball fan to do?


    I mentioned a couple days ago that I have no one in this year’s playoffs to cheer for, and for that reason, I was cheering against the Phillies. My strategy appears to have worked, as they have officially been given their walking papers after 5 games. You can’t go … Read the rest

  • I don’t cheer for anyone. I cheer against the Phillies.

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    Anyone who isn’t slightly older than me probably doesn’t remember 1993. That was the last time the Bluejays went anywhere near the world series–they probably could have in 94, except it wasn’t actually held. The last time they did anything involving the world series, it was against Philadelphia. It took … Read the rest

  • The NL finally wins one.


    See what happens when the Yankees blow up? That needs to happen more often. Just next time, can it be the Braves? They must be due now… Shush, Steve. I don’t wanna hear it. They’re due, dammit. Now back to watching my hockey team implode.

  • Hey look, the damn Yankees are done!


    This’ll teach me to pay more attention to what goes on in the baseball world. While I was busy doing things of a geeky nature, which will make the blog in the near future, the Yankees were getting their asses handed to them by Texas. Nifty. Now, I can actually … Read the rest

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