There’s always next year, Toronto. And this time, saying it doesn’t feel forced.

I’m a Toronto sports fan if I’m a sports fan at all. It’s how I grew up and I haven’t evolved much since then. For hockey, it’s always been the Leafs–yes, even though the last time they won it all my parents were in grade school. For baseball, it’s been the Jays–even though the last time they won it all *I* was in grade school. It’s meant I’ve gotten to see some really good years. And, uh, some incredibly bad ones. This year was the best by far–I don’t actually remember much about 92-93. But from the beginning of the baseball season, something about this Bluejays team felt different. I made a point to catch as many games as I could get away with–which wasn’t usually something I did for baseball–this time around simply because the whole thing felt different. Then the July trade deadline happened, followed closely by league domination. Then the postseason happened, and anyone with a pulse lost their collective everything. They packed the Sky Dome, which didn’t used to happen for a baseball game. They got musical, albeit now a lot of those names aren’t exactly front and center, which used to be that thing they only did if they were mocking something. And for the first time in 22 years, Toronto’s favourite sports cliché might actually have some meaning behind it. There’s always next year. And this time, saying it doesn’t feel like just the routine. If they don’t break the team over the winter, we might actually do it next time around. And that, just for the record, is nearly as awesome a thought as if we’d done it this year. Suddenly, being a Toronto sports fan sucks a little bit less now. thanks, Jays.

The Yankees and the Phillies, no more? What’s a baseball fan to do?

I mentioned a couple days ago that I have no one in this year’s playoffs to cheer for, and for that reason, I was cheering against the Phillies. My strategy appears to have worked, as they have officially been given their walking papers after 5 games. You can’t go wrong with that. Nor can you go wrong with last night’s events. If you’re a self-respecting baseball fan and not completely dilusional, you have an entirely logical hatred of the Yankees–simply for being, well, the Yankees. They, also, were handed their walking papers. This makes this Jays/Braves fan extraordinarily happy, which means all things considered, it’ll be a very good thanks giving this weekend. Now I just have one problem. With no one left to cheer for, I now have no one left to cheer against. Oh well, hockey’s heer. See you next year, folks. Maybe I’ll blog more about it then. But, well, probably not.

I don’t cheer for anyone. I cheer against the Phillies.

Anyone who isn’t slightly older than me probably doesn’t remember 1993. That was the last time the Bluejays went anywhere near the world series–they probably could have in 94, except it wasn’t actually held. The last time they did anything involving the world series, it was against Philadelphia. It took 6 games, but we walked away from that series with a championship. They’ve been trying to make up for it since–and very nearly did a couple times. And I’ve developed what some might call a not very rational hatred for that team. Call it what you will, they are to baseball what Montreal is to hockey–especially since there is no longer a Montreal in baseball. As a Jays fan, and secondarily a Braves fan, cheering for the Phillies just doesn’t happen. It was revealed to me during a conversation tonight that I’ve got no good reason for not cheering for the Rangers. And, sure, that’s true–but I’ve got no good reason to do it, either. At least until they make the series, and then only if they’re up against the Phillies. I don’t have a particular team to cheer for this year. But I’ll be more than happy to cheer against Philadelphia. So it is written, so it shall be. Go other teams go!

The NL finally wins one.

See what happens when the Yankees blow up? That needs to happen more often. Just next time, can it be the Braves? They must be due now… Shush, Steve. I don’t wanna hear it. They’re due, dammit. Now back to watching my hockey team implode.

Hey look, the damn Yankees are done!

This’ll teach me to pay more attention to what goes on in the baseball world. While I was busy doing things of a geeky nature, which will make the blog in the near future, the Yankees were getting their asses handed to them by Texas. Nifty. Now, I can actually watch baseball-related news/whatever and not get this sick feeling in my stomach. Now, then, here’s hoping one Philadelphia team comes out on top in their game. Meanwhile I stare at another Philadelphia team currently doing exactly that, and hope like hell this one spontaneously catches fire. Congratulations, Yankees. For a change, you suck this year.