Precrime preorder.

Most folks figure, you know, they’ll wander into a video game store, grab a bunch of whatever’s handy, make a break for it. Maybe they’ll get lucky and the junk they grab will mostly be stuff they won’t want to toss on the side of the road just to decrease the suck factor. Only a special few will plan to show up with the explicit goal of grabbing specific items fitting specific criteria and pulling off the same sort of escape in which they pray to $being that’s the day the security cameras go on vacation. But it takes a special kind of someone not very sneaky to call the store, explicitly reserve what they plan to steal, then show up to do exactly that. That was either really smart, or really freaking stupid. And that will depend entirely on whether or not he’s currently sitting in jail, Xboxless. But, judging by what I’m not finding, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s that first one…

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