Asorted junk, listified.

As I do way, way too often, I’ve gone and fell off the blogging wagon. But, uh, at least I’ve kept up with the ones who haven’t? Yeah, okay, that works. For the 75 quadrillionth time, I’m going to attempt to fix that. And because there are post ideas in my head, that will probably last–er, well, at least a week or two. I should probably use this thing for, if nothing else, a dumping ground for anything and everything technical that floats through my head. And I probably will. but that’s not what this post will pretend to be. Because there are ideas, and because they’ll probably get their own posts in due time, have a thing in list format. Because lazy, and caffeine’s all the way over there.

  • I promise myself I won’t watch hockey this year, and the Leafs go and make the playoffs. It figures. But I’m still not watching hockey this year. Screw you, NHL.
  • Alright, so it’s still april. And April more often than not is usually a less than stellar month for the Bluejays–at least that’s the line that gets handed to us on a yearly basis. But we were told to expect big things. Approximately 1.5 of us are still waiting.
  • Finding a routine takes on a whole new meaning after you’ve moved a handful of times in the span of less than a year. Interestingly enough, so does finding the things that make up your routine. Or your kitchen.
  • I pay for TV for the first time in a couple years, and am reminded why I stopped. Note: that does not mean I’m stopping again–at least not until the baseball season either ends or implodes. I know better.
  • Small note to Ottawa’s weather paterns. Or, rather, weather paterns in all manner of places. It’s near the end of April, and places are still seeing snow. We only just got finished with the below freezing–again. You’re fired. Oh, and the first person to blame this on global warming buys me a bottle of vodka. I don’t doubt it’s global, but I’m still waiting on the warming.

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