Looking for a reason to quit smoking? How about because no one’ll hire you?

That’s the situation now in a few Florida cities after their governments instituted bylaws against employees smoking even during their off hours. Companies can and are having people sign statements declaring themselves to be free of tobacco for 12 months prior to the application date. Also, in at least one city, employers are authorised to conduct random testing and to fire people who don’t pass that test. No idea how that doesn’t get smacked with a constitutional challenge if nothing else, but you’ll have that. Positive side, for a few: it’s cigarette smoke they’re targetting. So you with the joint? You’re safe–well, local and state laws against that kinda thing pending. Everyone else? tho thorry, thir. But hey–somebody somewhere might just see that as a reason to quit smoking. Or quit their job, but whichever.

  1. That sounds about the furthest thing from legal and constitutionally sound. Somebody’s going to fight that I’m sure, perhaps before I hit submit on this comment.

    1. Welp, as of about a couple hours after you hit submit on this comment, I haven’t seen anything yet. You’re right, though. That’s a something amendment violation if ever I saw one. Don’t ask me which bloody amendment that’d be–they tend to lump things under a bunch of them lately.

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