In which I again fall off a cliff. And this time, I don’t have an excuse. Or a life.

Well okay, I have all kinds of excuses. But largely they can be disproven in about, oh we’ll say, 10 seconds. So there goes that. Back to basics. Which, in this case, means–uh, well, I’ll get back to you. I can say this, though. The new server? Yeah, that server? Rockin’ like nothing else. Had a couple scary-ish incidents at the beginning of the month–gotta love it when folks decide you really would appreciate them DOSing your ass just when you’re contemplating sleep, but a couple rooky firewalling mistakes later that’s been fixed. Also in the newness/what’s happening category, I’ve accidentally cut down on the amount of caffeine I live on. By that, I mean, uh, let’s see. There are 2 bottles of coke in the fridge. They are both unopened. The last time I had anything caffinated, I was out for dinner with May–who really needs her own entry up here. She’s already got her own category–think it’s time I make somewhat decent use of it. that was–now let me think. Thursday, if I remember right. working on 4 days without caffeine and I’m still breathing. Can I make it 5? depends on how long it ends up being before the afore mentioned May starts getting concerned for my health. Although, she may or may not need to wake up a little more first. Things in that department are going quite well, speaking of May–but that’s, I think, going to be its own entry. Just as soon as I go distract a dog. And maybe pretend like I actually want to do something productive with today.

  1. What, you still don’t talk about me, I’m hurt. I’m starting to feel so unloved and needed over here. Fine fine.

    BTW, you had pepsi on Friday when we went to Timmy’s.

    1. I’m choosing not to see that as caffeine, as it was, indeed, pepsi. 😛

      1. It was still caffeine ya ass. Caffeine is caffeine even if you don’t like the source.

        Now since I’m not important today guess I’ll have a nap before I leave you for people that I don’t like either, *smiles*

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