Brian Coldin strikes out: we still don’t wanna see what ya got.

Remember this guy? Sure you do. Naked folk resort, central Ontario, thought it’d be fun to go grab a burger but didn’t really wanna grab clothes first? Yeah, him. He thought it might be fun to take a run at the constitution with his court case, having the laws changed so it’s perfectly acceptable for folks like him to do exactly what, well, he just did. And, guess what? It’s not.

Like I said in the other entry on this little event, I could really care less what he does on his own property–if folks in general knew how I dressed in my own apartment, they’d probably take offense. But it’s my own private property. I can do that. The general public doesn’t wanna see it. And it’s not violating my rights if they don’t. Brian over there, though? doesn’t quite see it that way. Which is exactly why he runs his own private resort for naked folks–emphasis on private. Now, if he’s smart, he’ll leave this case exactly where it is and go about doing his thing. But, then, if he was smart, he wouldn’t have showed up at a drive through with nothing but a smile in the first place. You can probably guess, I’m looking for the appeal.

  1. Thanks to this little posting, every time I see you tweet or read one of your blog posts, I picture you sitting in your underwear!
    That’s not a mental image I wanted! lol

  2. Oh, and yeah…. I forgot to subscribe to comments again.
    Working on like less than half a brain over here, whoops? 🙂

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