As far as thieves go, these guys are freaking geniuses.

I’d love to actually meet these two unnamed individuals for the sole purpose of shaking their hands for coming up with this bright idea. Right before I punch both of them in the face and hold out for the local cops. Two people in the south end of the city have come up with the brilliant idea of finding out if a house is occupied by ringing the doorbell. If it’s empty, they break in, disable the alarm, and–presumedly–help themselves to what’s there. If someone’s actually home, they have themselves a prepared script asking if the occupant has items for sale, or some other trivial matter that would bring random folks to your door at random o’clock in the afternoon/evening. An actual smart couple of criminals–who knew? If ever they wind up answering the door for an undercover cop, mocking them might actually be a challenge. thank God I like a challenge.

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