The dog ate my… wallet?

After a certain point, you’re kind of expected to come up with excuses a little better than “the dog ate it” for why you didn’t get your homework done. Or why you didn’t do/fill out/submit the required paperwork for x. That didn’t occur to 22-year-old Michael Macleod, apparently. After being pulled over for going 96 KPH in a 70 zone, after previously being disqualified from driving for failing a breath test, he thought it might be wise to cover his ass. And, having been put on the spot, told the officer who stopped him the dog ate his wallet. And, because he didn’t do a fine enough job screwing himself over already, he gave the officer the name and birthday of someone he knew. That person, upon receiving the speeding ticket in the mail and recognising the license plate, was quick to call police. Michael Macleod won’t be driving for the next two years, if he still possesses more than half a functioning brain cell. Perhaps having missed jail time by a hair will provide him a little insentive to actually keep that in mind. On the other hand, you’d think losing his license 3 months earlier would have been a clue. Okay, second thought, we might be hearing from him again. Good job, Michael. Dust off that brain cell a little more often–it’s good for you, or so I hear.

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