Penguins 5, Maple Leafs 2.

Sometimes, I swear, this team bares the closest resemblence to a horrible car accident. You want to turn away, but you just can’t. At all. I accidentally managed–no, not for the first time–to sleep through last night’s game, and judging by the recaps I’ve been able to get my paws on, that was probably a smart move. I’m afraid to ask if we even tried last night. so I’ll just not. Here, have one of these.

  • Wins: 10
  • Losses: 17
  • Shootout Wins: 2
  • Shootout Losses: 2
  • Points: 24/li>
  1. The answer to the did they even try question is well…sort of. They came back late to make it 4-2 after being shut out most of the way, but once that last goal went in it seemed like all the air went out of things.

    1. I really kind of hate when that happens.

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