makes me aware of their existence, and why I shouldn’t use them.

My LiveJournal account’s been active since 2008 or thereabouts. All those entries, plus the entries of my old blog, were recently ported over here for the sake of my sanity. Since setting up this blog, I haven’t bothered directly posting to LJ–I’ve simply been letting the entries I write here be crossposted over there automatically. Also recently, I’ve taken steps to remove my LiveJournal account from search engines for reasons of benefitting this site. So colour me surprised when, who claims to be yet another job search engine in Canada, sends me an email referencing a section of my LJ. And, rather, shining a light on their business practices that makes me very glad I don’t actually deal with them.

From: Jean-Baptiste Perrin []
Sent: Fri 01/10/2010 9:04 AM
To: Me
Subject: Site suggestion:


I saw the following page of your site:

and thought you might be interested in adding some useful content concerning:

job offers – Canada

To clarify what we do, is a job search engine. In one simple search, it gives job seekers access to a huge selection of jobs that are sourced from various internet sites, saving the trouble of having to visit each site individually.

What I thought useful for your site, would be:
A direct link –
A JobBox –
A SearchBox –

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or telephone.

Kind regards,

Jean-Baptiste Perrin
Production Manager

Tel.: +1 (514) 448-4556

I’m sending this back to him as a response.

Hello, Jean-Baptiste,

Thank you for suggesting that you use my website as an advertising platform. Unfortunately, I do not run an employment advertising service, nor do I possess any interest in being spammed. You are strongly encouraged to reevaluate your business practices in this area, as I have had absolutely no interaction with your website and as of now, will void any potential plans to do so. Thank you, however, for providing me with advanced warning.

PS: Your letter to me, and this response, are now an open correspondence and will, as of the submitting of this response, be publicly available.

In case it isn’t obvious, I absolutely despise spammers. Except when they have mock value. I especially hate it when they come disguised as avenues to help find people jobs. Sorry, but when I get random emails begging for promotion, particularly from websites I have absolutely nothing to do with, it’s red flag city. On the bright side, I now know which site to stay away from. Thanks for that favour, if nothing else, Jean-Baptiste.

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