Just the kind of subliminal messaging I don’t need. Damn you, ThinkGeek.

I’ve always maintained one of my chief reasons for not buying an iPhone, aside from the walled garden that is Apple, is its lack of a physical keyboard. I’m not a fan of carrying any more than I absolutely have to–this includes such things as an extra keyboard for the sole purpose of not wanting to throw my phone across the room in frustration. So I’ve been staying as far away from anything potentially iPhone related as I possibly can to avoid such episodes of frustration. I’ve been doing pretty good at it too, dammit. Then along comes ThinkGeek, with an iPhone case that includes a bluetooth keyboard. No more carrying around extra pieces of hardware. No more major excuses for not buying an iPhone–well, except the whole walled garden thing but I can possibly be convinced to overlook that. And no actual money for iPhone or case. Damn you, ThinkGeek. This is exactly not the kind of subliminal messaging I need.

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