Oh, goody. Taxi prices are on their way up in Pembroke.

If I ever get an opportunity to meet Dalton Mcguinty in person, remind me to drop kick him square in the face. Another casualty of the HST in July? Pembroke’s taxi services, who’re about to stick an additional 8% on their already a little tiny bit insane price tags. Keeping in mind the last time I used a taxi to take a 5-10 minute drive from here to the parents’ place and back it cost me just about twice what it was supposed to. Suffice it to say, I haven’t used one since. And, suffice it to say, I won’t be using one in the immediate future unless I absolutely have to.

Since most people who take taxis do it because they very often can’t drive from here to there on their own and slightly less often have no one else who can, and since a common reason people can’t drive from here to there on their own is because they can’t aford to purchase/keep up payments for/constantly put gas in a vehicle, you’d think Ontario’s–and BC’s, for that matter–government would be trying to make it just a little bit easier for folks who aren’t making twenty thousand plus to make their limitted income last just a little bit longer. That would be a big fat no on that one. Well, the fantasy was nice, anyway.

Ontario’s liberal government: squeezing every cent the feds haven’t already squeezed out of you since way too damn long. Is it election time yet?

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