Febuary’s word of the month: prorogue.

1. to discontinue a session of (the British Parliament or a similar body).

Also known as the double standard affect, if you happen to be a resident of Canada. How so? Explanation is below.

Stephen Harper shut down Canada’s parliament at the end of December–a parliament that would have both resumed on January 25th and been closed at the end of this week for the olympics anyway. And there was a shit storm about it. Anti-proroguers started a website, and a Facebook group against it. Ontario’s Dalton McGuinty prorogues the legislature, and… nope, not a peep. The legislature will resume after the olympics, he says, with a throne speech. The difference? A whole two or three weeks wherein not much would have been accomplished anyway. Well, except for a whole lot of yelling and screaming across the isle in the House of Commons. Which really, while it made for an awesome way to kill the afternoon watching, I’m doing just fine without. And CPAC’s programming isn’t suffering either.

Yes, I’m aware that first link is a CBC article. And yes, I’m aware they’ve kind of screwed up copyright royally, and wasted my tax dollars in the process. They can also shove it.

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