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Mike makes the news for simply doing what he loves.

I’ve been following Toronto Mike since probably early-ish in 2007, when I randomly stumbled on one of his many articles relating to our mutually admired and at the same time hated hockey team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. I was cruising Technoradi–yes, that was back when it was actually good–and his just happened to be one of the blogs I read a bit of. I loved the fact he had absolutely no problem with making his opinion known in no uncertain terms, and most of his readers respected that whether they agreed with it or not.

A short 2 or 3 years later, and Mike’s gone from your average local everyday blogger to a Toronto and area sellebrity. Why? Because he tends to be a lot more straightforward, and a lot more involved, with certain aspects of the news–often times before the more mainstream sources of the news even give a story half a paragraph on page 25 of the paper. Folks see him as a semi-official news source. A journalist without the restrictions of CBC, CTV etc. It’s easy to see how he sees himself. It’s the same as he saw himself 3 years ago, and the same as I see him now–just a Toronto area blogger with a passion for things that generate a lot of interest. Like the craptasticness of our hockey team, or what’s going on with his two favourite local radio personalities post-firing from what, I can only assume, is still his favourite radio station.

Mike, whether your perception of what you do changes or not, I hope you and your writing style never do. If there were more blogs, and bloggers, like yours, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them all. Keep it up. You, sir, deserve your sellebrity.


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