Still trying to make it 7.

It’s nice to know folks can still talk up a good game. Even though a team didn’t end up coming to Hamilton, the NHL’s now saying it’s not opposed to another team in Canada, possibly in the near future. And possibly in Toronto’s market. I don’t see that as a bad thing for either side of the equasion. Hockey fans in general, whether they’re particular fans of toronto or Ottawa or neither, often times will tune in to see the battle of Ontario pick up where it left off. I try to watch as many games as I can, but those games deserve their own extra effort to attempt to watch. So, yes, I’d watch a battle of Toronto, or of southern Ontario.

I was too young when Winnipeg and Quebec headed south, but I heard an aweful lot growing up about the dynamic of playing games like that. And, if not in Toronto or Hamilton, I’d love a shot at getting to see another Toronto versus Quebec game. So, by all means, Gary/NHL owners. Make it 7. Or 8. Or 9. Bring the Canadian sport back to Canada. And let’s reignite some of the old rivalries that made hockey something you didn’t just watch because it went down well with pizza and beer. Your fans will thank you.


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