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Now this is an interesting perspective on technology.

For those of you who have issues with typing on your standard, more traditional keyboards, seems manufacturers are finally starting to listen. There’s a large number of new keyboard designs being tossed about, and some of them seem quite… well, unusual. Of course, I have absolutely no clue how they’d effect someone with serious enough hand issues that typing in general becomes problematic, but you can’t solve everything with a new invention. I like their idea for a potential one-handed keyboard, though.


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  1. Dvorak’s a cool keyboard layout. Tried to teach myself said layout a few years ago, but got bored of it, since it interfeered with JAWS commands. Heh.

    • Yeah, it’s not a very disability-friendly layout. Nor, I don’t think, does it do a whole hell of a lot for making typing easier. Which… is supposed to be what it’s designed for.

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