Do they not follow the rules by now…?

My cousin IMs me, completely at random. Not with a hello, not with how’s it going or have you heard anything about the job yet, but with fix my computer. Um, say that in my other ear? IM exerpt editted for readability only, because his spelling is absolutely made of epic fail.

him: i got a question about my computer  
me: call the manufacturer.  
him: thanks  
me: np. lol  
him: i would buy a new one but they cost money  
me: heh.  
him: i would get a new one but they cost $$$$  
me: yeah.  
him: do you know how to set it back to factory setting   
him: or wipe it  
me: it depends on the model. i’ve never actually done it myself, since the factory settings are usually what i’m trying to get the hell away from  
him: ok  
him: its running slower then hell and it keeps crashing saying hard were problem   
me: then whiping it probably won’t be a whole lot of help. call the manufacturer.  
him: i’ll go there on monday and see how much $ it will cost  
him: thanks 

Dood. *Not* tech support for $company. Your computer was made by $company. $company knows how to reset the bloody thing. $company has the ability to replace whatever component is fried or frying. And, $company has people who get paid to listen to you whine in that unreadable way you do. Why the hell are you asking me? Thank you for wasting 10 minutes of time I could have been spending doing anything else. No love, your irate older cousin.

PS: You had to know I was going to tell you to call $company anyway. I’ve been saying that since you got the damn machine. You, sir, fail at life.

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2 responses to “Do they not follow the rules by now…?

  1. Well, you sure showed him.
    And I thought I was pathetically stupid when it came to technology (or, perhaps, it just isn’t one of my stronger suits), but I feel much better now.

    • Really, the only stupid question is one you don’t ask. Just… learn to ask the right people. There will be much less headaches in the world.

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