Return of the spambot?

I believe so.

CongestedCoho (7:34:40 AM): Hello.

arinieth (7:35:27 AM): can i help you?

CongestedCoho (7:46:05 AM): hi, who is this?

arinieth (7:46:33 AM): was just about to ask you the same thing.

CongestedCoho (7:46:53 AM): I got an IM from you a little over an hour ago… you said

CongestedCoho (7:46:56 AM): Hi

CongestedCoho (7:47:05 AM): I’m sorry, “Hey.”

arinieth (7:47:50 AM): ‘fraid not. though your screenname does look similar to someone else i discovered to be a spammer.

CongestedCoho (7:49:04 AM): shoe?  I did get an IM from you though, it’s still in this same window for me… you may have a mallet then or someone else
has your password or something, might want to look at that (sorry if being presumptuous) … anyway, gotta run, have a nice day

Thanks for your concern, but well, you have just been confirmed. Long and short of it? I can has spamproofing, plz?


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