So I finally get around to opening the letter someone stuck in my door last night, uh, this morning. And it turns out ye ol’ landlord has decided to up my rent by $25/month. I’m already taking it on the chin a little bit as it is considering this here apartment doesn’t come with AC and I’m still paying for my electricity on top of that. Ah well, once the employment situation’s been kinda widdled down to something resembling a secure job (I know, it’s a myth, but let me have my goddamn dream.), I’ll tackle the apartment situation. For now though, the place isn’t exactly half bad. One bedroom, easy to clean when I’m motivated enough to do so, and built in such a way that on the nicer days I can open up the windows and pretty much have a breeze wherever I happen to be. Still though, I’m not getting a whole lot out of this rent hike. Which means I’ll be apartment hunting by summer provided job hunting pans out by then. They say bad news comes in 3’s. Well, I’ve got 2.


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