Because I have crap to do and will probably forget half of it.

And for that reason, this is purely for my benefit. Skip at will. But if you read and get nothing out of it, you were warned. I don’t believe in friends only unless I have to. And I don’t.

what I do have to do at some point today though is:

  • (done) laundry
  • (done) pack up crapola for teh weekend
  • attempt to minimize the housework that needs doing when I get back
  • make a last attempt to beat an answer out of tax people
  • (done) make and receive employment related phone calls (yay paycheck!)
  • (done!) get the hell outa here.

Some of that list probably won’t get done. I’ll live. For the rest of it, ’tis necessary and therefore will get done if it kills me. And I’ve been told if the good die young I’ll live ’til I’m 150, so… draw thine own conclusions. I got crap to do.

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