If at first you don’t succeed, sue and sue again.

I’ve been finding an aweful lot of stupidity floating about the headlines lately. Almost scary, really. Article of stupidity number 1054? Fred Goldman’s lawyers will continue to go after O.J. Simpson, no matter how his robbery trial plays out. At first, the article spelled serious grudge/vendetta. Which, okay, the guy killed his son–it’s understandable. But really, take a read at that article and tell me it’s not more about money and trying way too hard to get his greasy little hands on it. I mean, I know Americans just love a good lawsuit, but come off it already. You can’t try a guy for a crime multiple times for a reason. You had your day in court already, Fred my man.
Why I think it’s a hell of a money grab:

When news broke that Simpson was in trouble in Las Vegas for a Sept. 13 armed heist of sports memorabilia he claimed had been stolen from him, Goldman’s lawyers were back in court so fast that Goldman obtained an order to get the items before Simpson was arrested. The items, including photos, footballs and jerseys, could fetch tens of thousands of dollars if they are found to belong to Simpson.

Yup, money grab alright. He says in the exact same article that all save, like $5000 was taken up already by legal fees. Well gee, freddy, you just added a few more dollars to that bill. How much of that $5000 did you plan to actually keep?

Goldman’s $19 million share of the judgment has risen to approximately $39 million with interest, but he knows it’s unlikely he’ll ever collect more than
a fraction, no matter how many court battles he wins.

Good reason to stop trying in my book, bud. Never mind the fact you’ve *already* gone and doubled your potential earnings. Gees, if you wanted to just give the guy an excuse to start throwing counterclaims back at you, you’re doing it. Hm, query to those people insane enough to be studying US law. What’s the statute of limitations on a whackjob situation like this before it stops being a punishment and starts being harassment? Inquiring minds want to know.


One of these days, I’d love for the whole Simpson affair in general to get the hell off the headlines. Any volunteers to make that happen?

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