That was too easy.

I’ve mentioned before I need furniture for the apartment. There isn’t anyone in my family who isn’t aware of that. I mean, they’ve all seen my stuff. I can fill a bedroom just fine, but… heh, I’ve never had my own place before, so filling the rest of it will require some creativity. Or a mother looking for a bar fridge. My parents bought me a minifridge last Christmas, because… well, I buy a lot of my own stuff, and if it goes in the family fridge, it’s lible to get eaten before I can get to it–that was true mostly when my brother was home. But, since the place I’m moving into comes with a fridge, and there will be no brother to eat what I don’t get to, I have no use for the one sitting on the other side of the room as of once I move out. I’ve offered to give it to my parents before, since you know, they’re the ones who bought the thing for me and it’d save them going out and buying a second fridge to put in their bar when they’ve got one that won’t be used in 2 weeks anyway. And now, we’ve decided on a trade, of sorts. She gets the fridge, and I get a new kitchen set. Can’t complain with that one, really. I mean, still gotta sit on the floor to watch TV, but at least I’ve got a place to eat! And one less thing I have to spend my money on. I love my mom.

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