3 in a row. For real this time.

They did it in the preseason, but that was the preseason. Now, they need to do it one more time with feeling. Which they did. Well, kinda. I’m not sure whether to be happy that the defense was actually contributing, or worried that our forwards were kind of asleep at times. Although, to be fair, both sides looked like they were trying desperately to set a new record for the most turnovers in a game. But… hey, it’s a win. And they do it again tomorrow. Since they don’t seem to like back to back games all that much, I’ll take the win. For now. Can we make it 4 in a row? Leaning towards no. Why? Well, avid Leafs fan, meet realism. Realism would like to point out the obvious, which I’ve already said–they don’t really much care for back to back games. So, yeah. There will not be 4 in a row. Now prove me wrong. Please?

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