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But it’s okay to fracture a guy’s foot, you know.

Okay, so explain to me this, since it’s gone over my head entirely. How is it that, for taking a golf swing at Bell’s foot, Ottawa’s Dany Heatley gets off pretty much unskathed, while Bell gets to spend the first few games of the preseason on the injured list, yet for an alleged cross check (you show me where there was a cross check) on Jiri Hudler, Kubina gets handed a game’s suspension? That’s just a little lopsided, if you ask me. And no one ever does, but I really don’t give a shit. Making it even more of a pissoff, never mind the severity of the offense, but Bell had to leave the game due to the injury, and he’s still out. Hudler, on the other hand, came right back and played on the powerplay that resulted from the major penalty Kubina’s supposed chross check drew. I’d bet any money if Kubina took a golf swing at Hudler’s foot instead of just supposedly chross checking him, he’d get at least the first 3 games. Let’s see some objectivity, here, for crying out freaking loud.

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