Liberals: check your reality at the door.

As if we needed a report by a panel of ethicists to prove it, the liberals have absolutely no credibility in the eyes of the Canadian public. And why the hell would they? They’ve been screwing us over for years, and when people finally called them on it, they spent the last year or so passing the buck. Oh, almost forgot about the ever so famous “I had no idea” response. How the hell does a finance minister not know what’s going on with the country’s finances? Was he on vacation for 95% of his time in cabbinet. And this is just too good to pass up.

Steven MacKinnon, national director of the Liberal Party of Canada, said Sunday that the party has been working on a code of ethics since last year, although it won’t apply to MPs or senators.

So who *will* it apply to, then? The guy that brings the coffee? I don’t see statements like that changing a damn thing. Except, maybe, people’s opinions about the liberals. Now, instead of being lying, cheating good-for-nothings, they’ll be lying, cheating good-for-nothings with no support. Oh, wait… they’re already there. Guess they’ve got nothing to lose.


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