An open letter to James Moore.

It’s come to my attention, minister Moore, you aren’t seeing any negative reaction to your and other MPS’ decision to not open the books for a public audit. It has also come to my attention that you believe the media’s continuing to throw it out there despite an apparent lack of pressure from the public to knock it off with the being a moron and spill it. Please allow me a moment of your time to set the record straight.

As a member of the public, albeit not of your constituency, I’m very interested in what it is you folks are spending my tax dollars, as few as they are, on throughout the year. And, I’m actually quite surprised a man as otherwise observant as you are seems to entirely skip right by the fact that I, along with probably a majority of folks who’re actually following this development, am pissed. So, let me just reintroduce you to that minor problem. We give you $500 million of our tax dollars per year, for you to blow in on expenses related to your position. And in return, you provide us with–er–what, exactly?

See, when we ask that question, and we very much are, the correct answer to give us is not “trust me, I’m not breaking the law”. If you see that as the appropriate response to our question, then might I submit that when income tax time rolls around next year, that will be the response I will submit to the Canada Revenue Agency in place of my statement re: how much of my money belongs to you. Because, clearly, if the laws of the land don’t apply to those who make them, why do they apply to me? I believe most folks would refer to it as setting an example.

I will end this post with one more request to please yank your head out of your ass and wake it the hell up. Show us the money, or we’ll be more than happy to show you the door. You’re losing what little respect your ill-fated hockey prediction might have bought you.

One of many tax payers who is currently considering his own internal board of economy.


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