In China, car drives you.

Or tries to, anyway. A Chinese company demoed a driverless car that topped out at 37 MPH without leaving the road, or hitting anything. Small progress, but ’tis still progress. Some people may not think all too highly of a driverless car, but hey, as long as it knows where it’s going, and has a proven safety feature or 6, I don’t see how it’d be so bad. But then, a small part of me is still holding out for that tiny chance that it becomes so easy, a blind man could do it. Because, as much as I don’t like taking handouts from people, I don’t like not having a choice but to hitch a ride, either. It’s inconvenient for me, and I’m sure it’s inconvenient for the borrowed driver. And Pembroke’s rather pathetic transit system means you either drive, go with someone who’s driving, or stay home–there are no grocery stores, or anything of the sort in walking distance. Hell, it’s a half-hour walk to the cool aunt’s place. Try doing that in 20 below.

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  1. The transit system in Edmonton is great plus all the vital things in my life are within walking distance anyways… *grin* Am I getting annoying yet?

  2. I don’t think you’re capable of annoying me. Particularly from Edmonton. =)
    However, unless the pixie has relocation money, it’s probably in her best interest not to encourage James’s relocation. ‘Cuz I really don’t like to turn a lady down. *grins*

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