I am lazy, and lazy is me.

There is absolutely nothing planned for the day, except to just sit around, watch a little TV, and just… generally do nothing. I approve of this. After doing fifty thousand things through the course of the last week or so, and still having fifty thousand more to do this coming week, it’s a unanimous decision that today shall officially be slackers day. There’s a nice breeze going on outside, which… is probably where I should be right now, but I think instead, I’m going to haull my lazy self downstairs, and pick a little at the guitar my uncle loaned me until I decide whether or not I’m sticking with the lessons enough that I actually go put the money down on my own. I keep threatening to do that at some point, but… yeah. That’d require free time. Maybe if I just tack it onto the bottom of my to do list… right under finding a job. No, wait, then it’ll never get done. Ah well. I’ll work on something resembling a schedule or something later. Lazy is today.

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