This thing is way too political.

Small side-effect to the fact there’s not been all that much going on lately that I’d call particularly blog-worthy. In fact, there hasn’t been a whole hell of a lot going on over here in general since the last blog-worthy thing that wasn’t politically motivated was posted up here. Ah well. Politics is my thing, as is commenting on the rediculousness that is the average local idiot. That there’s more of that going on than is currently happening around here of any importance/general productiveness should be an indication, if nothing else. LOL
Hm. Let’s see. Called about seeing where my job interview stands yesterday. The guy I have to talk to was out of the office… he’s not called back yet, so I’ll probably harass him some more on monday. And… um… wo. That’s it. Heh, told you. Still unemployed, still waiting for the hockey season to get here, still living in a relatively small town (well, okay, so compared to Ottawa everywhere around here is small), and still RPing, when I’ve got time–just because it isn’t blog-worthy doesn’t mean I’ve been busy. But, thinking optimisticly here… at least if I keep up with my political opinions I can never be accused of lollyblogging! See? There is madness to my method. Or method to my madness. Either’s true and both are applicable. Hm. I need to come up with a better blog title. That one bores me now. Yes, I know, I bore easy. It was a bad title when I started the thing but I didn’t particularly feel up to being creative. I still don’t. Maybe that’ll change at some not too distant point. And at the same time, hell could freeze.

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