Saddam would like to be shot.

Something about that amuses me. Oh, yeah… my theory that stupid assholes who’re full of themselves to the point of delusions should be shot. Which is exactly what master Hussein wants. I say, if the man wants a bullet in the brain, then give the man a bullet in the brain. Give him 2, just in case the first doesn’t meet with his approval. I don’t like how the US handled the war in Iraq, but now that it’s been handled, I subscribe to the theory of ask and ye shall receive. And he certainly asked. Harsh? *shrugs* You decide, all… 1.3 of you that actually happen across this thing.

2 responses to “Saddam would like to be shot.”

  1. I have found that we Americans tend to make things a little harder than we have to…I’m sure we’ll find a way to drag it all out a wee bit longer (wink).

  2. Unfortunately, it’s probably an accurate statement. Hell the whole thing’s already lasted 5 years. Shall we make it 5 more? Now accepting votes…

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