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  • And this is to see what I can break at half past insane.

    A long long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I played with a plugin that would let me post without needing to actually be on the website. If I didn’t break things, an updated, more secure version of that plugin will allow me to do it again and not … Read the rest

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  • Test number 2. That’s it, I promise.

    So my new email solution, much like the old one, doesn’t create categories on demand–at least on the WordPress side. Whoops. This post is just to make sure it sticks posts in preexisting categories. There’s mockery coming this morning–just as soon as I determine whether or not I’ll be firing … Read the rest

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  • I may or may not have just broken the blog.

    Posting by email has gone the way of the dinosaur in recent months, due to a crap ton of security issues related to the utility I was using. If this two-sentence post actually makes it, and in the category it’s supposed to, I might just have an excuse to throw … Read the rest

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  • This is a test. This is a post. This is a test post.

    We’ve recently been breaking things to the nth degree. To the point of we’re still not entirely sure what’s broken. This is just one of those things we test occasionally to make sure it’s not broken. That, plus one of our abilities to outbound trackback appear to be shot. Is … Read the rest

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