In which we develop another earthquake and no one here notices until, um, now.

So apparently just after midnight last night, the Montreal area discovered an earthquake. I say apparently, because unlike, oh we’ll say, this one, we felt absolutely nothing. And, well, considering we’re on the freakin’ 6th floor, you’d think we would. It was apparently a 4.5 on the scale. Are we the only ones who didn’t actually know we had an earthquake until several hours after it happened? Or have we perhaps failed epicly at observation? That happens too. Either way, earthquake. Again. Around Ottawa area. Again. That’s it, I aughta just move to toronto.

  1. I’m an hour and change away from Toronto and it’s not safe here either. Those other earthquakes around Ottawa/Quebec, we felt ’em here.

    1. Steve, bud, you’re awesome and all. But that was absolutely no help. You’re fired.

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