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In which my girlfriend, which I do have, tries to walk off with my guidedog. Which I don’t have.

People say the most absolutely randomest of things. Usually at the most oddly weird of times. For anyone who actually knows us, May has a guidedog. Had one for years. Long before she’s met me. I’ve never had one. Haven’t figured I wanted/needed one. what I do has worked since, well, I started doing it. And, well, if it ain’t broke, I don’t necessarily feel up to fixing it (*). And that leads us to a thinggy that just out of nowhere said hello while busing it home.

We’re nearly to our stop, and May goes to get up. I’m staying put temporarily, because there’s a few people between me and where I need to be and well, fighting to get through them on a moving vehicle just doesn’t happen. So the lady across from me decides May’s just the absolute meanest person to walk the planet. She’s supremely concerned about me, and insisting to me that May just got up and walked off with my dog. I actually had to briefly argue with this woman that no, in fact, the dog who’s leash is in May’s hand, who’s at May’s heal on the way off the bus, does not belong to me.

she knew I was blind–I’m going to assume because of the cane, but that’s a guess. Did she, like, completely skip over the fact May was also? Is that what happened? Because May got up and headed for the door, and the cane didn’t come out. Or, uh, something. I honestly have absolutely no idea.

Little known fact for the reader types in and around the Ottawa area. There are quite a few folks who rely on guidedogs. For those that do, they’re awesome–the dog in this conversation is just more awesome than the rest. But not every blind bloke in Ottawa has or wants a dog. Not every blind bloke with a dog in Ottawa takes that dog with them wherever they go–May’s left hers at home a few times and took the cane, just on account of it’s less complicated, sometimes faster, and there’s just some places you don’t need to be taking your dog–like, say, the pet store to get food (talk about your massive source of distraction, and you can’t even really correct for that). And for the love of chese, if one blind bloke gets up and heads for the exit with a dog in tow, chances are pretty good the dog belongs to the blind bloke in question. Especially if they’re with me. Who, again, doesn’t have one. Follow? Awesome. Somebody wanna see that weird bus lady gets this?

(*): I do, on occasion, modify that expression in such a way that it now says “if it ain’t broke, tweek it ’til it is”. But that usually applies to geeky things. And some people’s brains, but you’ll have that.

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