So I mentioned we moved servers.

Here’s where I get geeky again. Sorry. Okay maybe not *sorry*, but uh… I’m something, anyway. So what did I go and break this month? Nothing that can’t be fixed with a tiny bit of vodka and a whole lot of miracle. I spent some time over at Iweb, with one of their smart servers. Good for the buck, but a tiny bit too much buck.

It took some negotiating to get it to where we thought we’d do something useful with it. On that server, we somehow got away with 12 GB of RAM, 2 500 GB hard drives originally configured as RAID1 (yeah, that lasted not even 12 hours), and a halfway decent processor. That was good for about a year or so. But I started wondering. We host things for other people. Us, not the datacenter. the datacenter just charges us for the privelege. Something goes sideways, uh, hey genius? The folks what sometimes pay you can’t actually tell you something’s gone smash if your crap’s on the server that went smash. Now, okay, admitedly depending on what exactly went smash we’d already know, what with us being on the same server, but that still made not a whole lot of sense.

So I grabbed WTN, all nearly 50 GB of WTN, and threw it at a server I picked up at end of last month through Interserver. Not as much bang in the processor or RAM department, but it makes up for it with diskspace. We get 2 GB of RAM with this one, a slightly better processor than Iweb, and 1.8 TB of disk for a fair bit less in the dollars department. I wouldn’t throw the entire drive full of hosted other people’s data over here–that’d probably kill the server on a busy day, but it works for the sites I’ve tossed over here. And the move gave me a bit of room to go bug squishing. Which, uh, reminds me–you might not have been quite so easily able to actually reach the site for a couple days last week. Oops. Upgrading software kind of broke a bit of PHP. Those bugs have been squished. I uh, think.

so now, we have us what we call a sandbox. Where I can get moderately breaky smashy with and not have to much more than nuke a couple sites that don’t make money. Mind you, this may or may not be somewhat countered by backup, duplicate and recover skillz of madness. But quite potentially maybe. And this means at the very least, I’ll have more flexibility to write about how I very nearly broke, then fixed, then accidentally demolished the server. And see? No innocent customers were nuked in this experiment. We kind of save those for next time.

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