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You’re guilty of piracy, whether you’re a pirate or not.

Reason number 874329701 why antipiracy laws 99.9% of the time don’t actually do a damn bit of, well, what they’re supposed to. Industry and political officials assume you’re guilty, even if you don’t actually know exactly what you’re supposed to be guilty of. Take a case in france, for example, of a 54-year-old teacher who had his internet access revoked after blowing through their 3-strike policy. His only real crime, according to info available? Not knowing how to secure his wi-fi. And, for not being entirely that technical, rather than give the guy a hand with it, France disconnected him. Meanwhile, the person(s) doing the piracy over his network? Off they go to find a coffee shop to sit in while they download the latest episode of House or something. Yep, you won that round, government of France. Guy who owns the unsecured network sure got an education. Too bad it wasn’t what you thought it was.


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